Elena Kagan is the Wrong Choice For Supreme Court Justice

When I read that Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens was going to retire, I thought, “I hope President Obama nominates someone decently liberal to succeed him.” There’s been a short list of legitimate, potential nominees floating around ever since Sonia Sotomayor replaced David Souter. You’d think that if you were on the list back […]

New Obama Administration Policy on Medical Marijuana

Interesting news for the day, the Obama administration has issued a new policy on medical marijuana.  I’m certainly not any kind of drug advocate, but I do have a number of opinions on drug use.  While it may not be for me, individuals are their own people, it’s not my place to really give a […]

Lately, I’m Politically Disappointed

Clearly, I’m little left-leaning in my political theory.  That being said, I’m a little disappointed with the Great Black Hope lately.  This graphic sums it up: I’m just trying to think of the shit he’s done lately that has pissed me off. He said he wants to continue Bush’s taxpayer facilitated, religious-based initiatives.  Expand them […]


Well the political season is truly here.  The Iowa caucuses are here and the results are in.  On the Democrat side, depending on where you sit, you wouldn’t be surprised to see that Barack Obama has come out on top.  Now, if you’re on the Republican side, you would probably notice the larger upset by […]