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brainstemming (brain·stem·ing)
Much like brainstorming, however the group of people doing brainstemming usually have no idea what they are talking about, yet still come up with great ideas. Called brainstemming because they are using the most basic part of their brain – the brain stem – to come up with their ideas.

How To Get A Free Tire From Wal-Mart: A Detailed Experience

So, I’ve mentioned that I got a free tire from Wal-Mart. However, I’d feel bad if I didn’t mention the fact that it took seven trips to Wal-Mart to sort everything out:

  1. Around Saturday 3:30pm. Initial drop-off, Becky and I take two cars there and drop mine off.
  2. Come back around 8pm, the guy we talked to said it would be done by 7pm. It’s still in the repair bay. The new guy said all the earlier tire guys left and didn’t tell anyone. He says to check back in an hour, he might have it done.
  3. 9pm. We went and did a little shopping there for a few things and came back after an hour. Still not done.
  4. Come back around 10:30am one Sunday morning. Get vehicle and head home – thinking everything is honky-dory.
  5. Friday afternoon around 3pm. After realization that shit is still wrong, Becky goes in to drop off the spare tire to get fixed. Turns out they also put two different sets of tires on the car – two different widths of tires – those have to be fixed. Leaves car to come back later.
  6. We come back around 9pm-ish. The four tires on the car are now all the same. However, they couldn’t figure out how to get the spare tire off the car – are you fucking serious?! – and so didn’t do anything. They, of course, lied and said they tried to call me. My caller ID says different, douches. So, I go and take the tire off the car and drop if off in the office. Oh, and they had the audacity to charge me .25 cents to throw the tire away. Never going here again. Ever.
  7. Come back Sunday afternoon around 3pm to pickup my tire. Everything is just fine and I’m out in less than 10 minutes – there were a few people in front of me.

And that is how I saved about 100 bucks and got a free tire.

Not really worth it with all the trips I made.

How To Get A T-Shirt From Busted Tees

  1. Find a sweet coupon code from Retail Me Not for Busted Tees
  2. Pick out three shirts
  3. Pay
  4. Wait for shirts to arrive
  5. Notice that 2/3 shirts are great, but the third has two holes in it
  6. Get pissed off, email customer service at Busted Tees
  7. Have email ignored for a few days
  8. Write again, copying exact text of first email
  9. Actually get a response. A response that says they’re really sorry and they’ll send you another one
  10. Think to oneself, “Fuck yeah! New Shirt. Only, I now have two of the same shirt, but one has two holes in it. Shit, what do I do with that one?”1
  11. Wait a few days thinking “I wonder if I need to further this email conversation with Busted Tees, over the details and what not. Y’know, like Do I send back the old shirt? If so, I sure as fuck am not going to pay for it, who is?
  12. Come home one day to find a shirt already sent out to you.
  13. Think, “Fuck yeah!”2

  1. Do not in the future tell your girlfriend the idea that poppped into your brain directly after having this thought. She will make fun of you for it. For whatever reason, my brain initially thought that I could make a little pillow out of the shirt. Weird thought. I guess I do recall my junior high home-ec class. Her name was Mary-Jo Harbour, and yes, I do remember it. Stop laughing.
  2. And yeah, I’d probably buy from then again after them being such swell folk.

Dreamhost Needs To Stop Being An Asshole

So, Dreamhost is apparently not for personal storage. Fuck that. I’ll use 100% of the 500GB of hard drive space if I fucking want to. If you guys are going to be assholes and require that my webspace be used primarily for hosting a website, then I’ll just encrypt everything and make it publicly accessible. Basically, you guys are being assholes and need to stop. You’re pissing a lot of people off and now a bunch want to leave. It’s funny how this comes right after the whole LunarPages thing.

How To Get A Free Tire From Wal-Mart

  1. Purchase four tires from Wal-mart
  2. Already have your good-spare tire on your car
  3. Tell the guy working there that you want to keep the good spare already on the car and that they should pull the tire in the spare area off and replace that one1
  4. Have them fuck that all up
  5. Wait at least a day or so to figure out that they fucked it up
  6. Call Wal-mart and talk to the Assistant Manager of the Automotive Division about how they fucked it up
  7. They will tell you that your tire has already been hauled away and that they’ll just give you a free tire like the four they just installed

Booyah, free tire.

  1. I bet if you didn’t tell the guy this and called later they’d still give it to you. No real specifics were asked of me.

A Productive Weekend – Sort Of

Friday night I actually got home from work on time – rare these days. Becky got home not too long after, if I recall correctly. We just relaxed for a while. Her friend Diane was babysitting – adults still do that? wierd – until 9pm, so we decided to take a nap around 8 until she called. As per usual, we ended up just sleeping until the next day. Something like 14 hours of sleep. Mind you, that’s great and everything, but I just feel like I’ve wasted so much time. I feel that way about sleep in general, really. If I could avoid it and get by without it, I would.

Saturday was very productive. I think we were up and out of bed by 8am, which is crazy, but that happens when you get 14-ish hours of sleep. We had breakfast at Panera, Becky returned some shoes at Off Broadway Shoes – horrible name – and picked up some fly pumas and some other teacher-brown shoes while we were there. Then crossed town to pick up some birth control for her, we really have to look into how much it costs just to get it filled at CVS, the old people protesting at Planned Parenthood are weird. Oh, and crazy, but that’s a given. It’s funny, if you ever have to go into one of these places, you can’t bring in a cellphone and an armed guard has to use a metal detector wand on you. Meh, whatever. After that we headed off to Oak Park Mall. We did a little shopping. I picked up some new jeans from Express – I’m fat now, it makes me sad. That bitch at the Yankee Candle Shop was dead fucking wrong about how ‘filling’ the Harvest candle is. I hereby declare my shunning of Yankee Candles. You suck. Got out of there, finally and grabbed some lunch from Subway en route to O’Riley’s to pick up a blinker light bulb. Went home to drop shit off and find out that replacing the light bulb does jack shit. Grrr. Car genius I am not. After a short break at the house we planned to drop my car off at Walmart for an oil change and some new tires. However, Becky’s car tire was a little flat, so we went to the Quicktrip to air it up. After watching Becky try to do that for about five minutes, I got my lazy ass out of the car to see what’s up. It seemed to be getting air, but it wouldn’t pressurize at all. Meh, I’ll just change the tire. 10 minutes later we’re off to Walmart with a tiny little donut wheel on Becky’s car. We get to the service part of Walmart and start looking at tires; fucking SUV tires are expensive, damn. What can you do, though. The guy said he’d be done in about 2 1/2 hours, so we continued to run some more errands. Bikesource isn’t too far away, so we headed over there. I needed some chain lube, har, and I wanted to look into their cold-weather gear. I still bike to work when it’s not raining, but it’s getting to be damn fucking cold. After dicking around there for a while, we retired to the house to cleanup and what not prior to heading back to Walmart. The time rolls around for us to get the car. We decided to head a little early so we can pick up a few things, get the car, and go home. We get there and I notice that my car is still in the service bay. What the fuck? So I go in and ask and apparently all the tire-guys left and didn’t tell anyone. So, my tires weren’t ready yet. Dicks. So we leave anyways, deciding to come back early in the morning. I’ve got beer to drink and football to watch, damn it. We haven’t had dinner yet, so I make some chicken for Gorditas, damn those are good! Also, we invite my friend Jackie over. We watch football – WTF?! – and just relax a bit. I introduced Jackie to the tasty wonderment that is Colorado Bulldog’s. Damn, I want one right now. After a while, she left and Becky and I hit the sack.

Sunday has been pretty lazy. I tried fixing my friend Ashley’s computer this morning, but I think the hard drive is totally fucked. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some files off of it – we’ll see though. I’ve got a bit, though not nearly as much as I would have liked, done of my Practiware work. Did some research into some free information from the FDA. Pretty boring, really. Watched some football; I could lose both my fantasy matchups or I could win both, it’s really a coin flip at the moment. As for right now, I’m going to try and get a little bit more nerdy stuff done before I get to bed.