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Heineken Buys Femsa, Brewer of Tecate

Because I drink a lot of beer, I thought this was newsworthy:  Heineken is buying Femsa, the brewery that makes Tecate, Dos Equis, and Sol for 7.6 billion.  I thought these two sentences from the article were kind of funny:

The deal will give Heineken, which brews Amstel and other beers[.]

What’s interesting to me is that they mention that Heineken, the brewery, makes Amstel, which really no-one in the US drinks, but they fail to mention the obvious choice of Heineken, the beer.  Maybe it’s just too obvious?

The other thing I noticed which is really just funny more than anything is that Heineken’s Nasdaq symbol is HINKY.

Via CNN Money

Higher Alcohol Content Beer Now Allowed On Tap

I don’t think I ever knew that certain states have a limit to the alcohol content that that they can serve from the tap.  Thankfully, according to this article from USA Today, many states are upping the alcohol content limit.

Unfortunately, while the article does mention a lot of states and their respective limits, it doesn’t cite where it got those figures.  I cursory Google search turned up nothing of use.  Oh well.

Via USA Today.