Monthly Archives: January 2008


Have you heard of Scrabulous? It is a Facebook application that lets you play Scrabble.

Fuck this game.

It’s addictive. So much so that it has pretty much taken over my free time. When I come home from work, The Wife and I play pretty much until bedtime. I’ve played for five straight hours before. And don’t even get me started about the weekends, oh no.

The point is, because I’ve spent so much of my free time playing this game, I haven’t had the energy to do anything else. Chores don’t get done, the gym doesn’t get visited, and posts don’t get written for the site.

Damn it, I’m going to change that.

Well, after I find a place to play ‘QATS’.


I just cancelled a credit card.  I’m always nervous when I have to call one of my credit card companies.  I don’t really know why I’m so apprehensive about the whole thing, but I always am.  Regardless, I was happy to get rid of my Pier 1 card.  Just writing that makes me laugh.  I got my dining room table considerably cheaper with it though, so yay for that.

Well, At Least You Tried

So I’m at the bar playing poker and getting drunk when I realize the K-State men’s basketball game is on. It was some no-name team, Savannah State. Hailing from the great state of… Savannah1? Anyways. I didn’t think much of the game and went back to paying attention to my beer and poker.

Until I looked at the final score of the game today. Holy shit.

Final score: K-State 85, Savannah State 25.

That is not a typographical error, folks. They only trailed by 16 at the half. I mean, everyone knew they were going to lose, but damn. In the second half they were out-scored 48-4. Double-damn.

  1. I know that the University is located in Georgia. I just think naming Universities that way is dumb.

Michael Vick

The Wife is an elementary school teacher. Over the weekend, we went to her school so we could put up the Christmas present I got her. While we were there I noticed a large grouping of student art on the wall. As I was casually looking it over, I noticed one in particular. I’ll describe it to you and you tell me what you think:

  • Black man
  • Football player
  • Black helmet on
  • White jersey
  • Red jersey number
  • Jersey number: 7

So, who is it? It’s Michael Vick. Yeah, you know, the one who ran a dogfighting ring at his house and also killed the poor-performing dogs with his bare-fucking-hands.  Also currently spending time in prison.

I asked her how long it had been there and she said about 2-3 months. Ha!

By the time we had left, she took it down. 🙂


Well the political season is truly here.  The Iowa caucuses are here and the results are in.  On the Democrat side, depending on where you sit, you wouldn’t be surprised to see that Barack Obama has come out on top.  Now, if you’re on the Republican side, you would probably notice the larger upset by Mike Huckabee over Mit Romney.

I personally would love to see Obama go the distance, but you never know.  Now, if by some odd alignment of the stars and every sane person, sans me,  died the day before the election and a Republican won the Presidency, then I’d prefer it be Mike Huckabee.  I’m not sure why, seeing as how he is a crazy person, but I really, really don’t want Rudy Guliani or Mit Romney in office.

Also of note is that Chris Dodd and Joe Biden dropped out of the running on the Democrat side. They never had a legitimate chance, but it was nice to see them try.  I guess.