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Interesting New Washington Post Poll

According to a new Washington Post poll, people have roughly the same opinion of Democrats and Republicans as they did in 2008 and 2006 – the years Democrats made big gains in Congress.  However, I’m still of the opinion that the Dems will lose some seats in the House and the Senate, though still maintaining their Majorities.  We’ll see I guess.

via The Plum Line


Well the political season is truly here.  The Iowa caucuses are here and the results are in.  On the Democrat side, depending on where you sit, you wouldn’t be surprised to see that Barack Obama has come out on top.  Now, if you’re on the Republican side, you would probably notice the larger upset by Mike Huckabee over Mit Romney.

I personally would love to see Obama go the distance, but you never know.  Now, if by some odd alignment of the stars and every sane person, sans me,  died the day before the election and a Republican won the Presidency, then I’d prefer it be Mike Huckabee.  I’m not sure why, seeing as how he is a crazy person, but I really, really don’t want Rudy Guliani or Mit Romney in office.

Also of note is that Chris Dodd and Joe Biden dropped out of the running on the Democrat side. They never had a legitimate chance, but it was nice to see them try.  I guess.