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I feel like I re-blog from Kottke too much, but hey everyone is doin’ it…

Anyways, these are some really interesting photos.

Color photographs of Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 Antarctic expedition by Frank Hurley.

Shackleton in color

Early in 1915, their ship ‘Endurance’ became inexorably trapped in the Antarctic ice. Hurley managed to salvage the photographic plates by diving into mushy ice-water inside the sinking ship in October 1915.

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This cartoon helps in understanding why I’m against US action in Libya. If we’re doing this for the humanitarian reasons we say we are, shouldn’t we be doing the same thing in all these other places?

Oh, but that wouldn’t work because these other places don’t have oil, had dictators that were American allies, are too politically charged of a subject, or simply have no real American interest.

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