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Dear City of Lenexa, KS

I’d like to thank you for finally fixing the pavement at the railroad crossing near the intersection of College and Lackman.  Why you didn’t do this when you repaved Lackman just a few months ago, I do not know.  Clearly you knew that no trains would be crossing there ever again.  Otherwise you wouldn’t have done a half-ass job at paving all the way up to the rails in seemingly arbitrary points at the crossing.  Nevertheless, after months of horrid, ever-growing potholes, it seems you have fixed your error.

Fists Of Fury

A conversation had at work today:

V: I’m not cold.

Me, Overhearing: You’re not old?

V: Cold, I’m not cold.

Me: Oh, I thought you said you weren’t old. Because, you know, you’re old. Maybe because you’re so old you forgot that you’re old.

V: You know, the last person who called me old ended up unconcious for about 6 minutes.1

Me: Fists of fury, baby.

  1. A while back V got in an argument with a much younger guy at his local gym. The younger guy kept slamming his weights down and leaving them on the floor. V told him that he needed to pick up his weights. The young guy got in his face and told his old ass to shut up. So V socked him in the jaw. As the guy is falling backwards he hits his head on one of his weights and gets knocked out. I guess that’s irony, huh?