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Lately, I’m Politically Disappointed

Clearly, I’m little left-leaning in my political theory.  That being said, I’m a little disappointed with the Great Black Hope lately.  This graphic sums it up:

Dare to Hope

I’m just trying to think of the shit he’s done lately that has pissed me off.

He said he wants to continue Bush’s taxpayer facilitated, religious-based initiatives.  Expand them even.

Agreeing with the Conservative side, and the losing side, of the Supreme Court on their recent Death Penalty ruling.

Then there is that whole FISA thing.

Wiretaps, mmm.

I feel like I could rant for a while about this shit, but I like pictures.

That Whole FISA Reform Bill Thing

There sure seems to be a lot out in the tubes lately about the FISA reform bill.  Harry Reid sucksChris Dodd doesn’t suck.  Speaking of Chris Dodd, doesn’t he seem to be the only Democrat who actually does something right in Congress?  The first post I ever made on this website was about Chris Dodd putting a hold on legislation regarding warrantless surveillance and telecom immunity.