Monthly Archives: December 2007

That Whole FISA Reform Bill Thing

There sure seems to be a lot out in the tubes lately about the FISA reform bill.  Harry Reid sucksChris Dodd doesn’t suck.  Speaking of Chris Dodd, doesn’t he seem to be the only Democrat who actually does something right in Congress?  The first post I ever made on this website was about Chris Dodd putting a hold on legislation regarding warrantless surveillance and telecom immunity.

I Love Jeopardy!

I have loved Jeopardy! ever since I first saw it. I remember thinking back in middle school that it was unfair that I had to miss the show because of school.  Recently,  we got a DVR at my house – one of the greatest creations by mankind , ever, I might add.  The first show I  set up to be recorded was naturally Jeopardy!.  Not only do I record the show, but I actually record it three times a day.  The regular show, the same show in HD, and an older version that’s being show on GSN.  Ah, technology.  Thankfully, I have a Wife that accepts, and even appreciates on certain days, my nerdery and she happily watches the show with me.

Anyways, the whole point of this post was so that I could link to this interview by Alex Trebek, done for Esquire Magazine in 2003.  If you read that interview, I think you’ll find an interesting perspective about ol’ Alex.  Furthermore, he’s apparently got a dirty-ass mouth.  Which I think, frankly, is great.

First Real Snow

Ah, snow.  It’s the best part of winter.  Frankly, the only good part.  Thanks to global warming, this has been the first real snow of the year.  It’s the first part of December!  I remember back in the day when we’d have snow in October.  Ah, the days.