Glenn Beck, et. al. vs. Anita Dunn

I don’t know how many Democrats/Progressives/Liberals listen to Conservative talk radio as much as I do, but if you have, you’ve probably heard about this big dust up over a quote by Anita Dunn, talking about how she turns to Mao Zedong’s philosophies for guidance. For those unaware, Mao Zedong was the first Communist leader […]

Interesting New Washington Post Poll

According to a new Washington Post poll, people have roughly the same opinion of Democrats and Republicans as they did in 2008 and 2006 – the years Democrats made big gains in Congress.  However, I’m still of the opinion that the Dems will lose some seats in the House and the Senate, though still maintaining […]

New Obama Administration Policy on Medical Marijuana

Interesting news for the day, the Obama administration has issued a new policy on medical marijuana.  I’m certainly not any kind of drug advocate, but I do have a number of opinions on drug use.  While it may not be for me, individuals are their own people, it’s not my place to really give a […]