How To Get A Free Tire From Wal-Mart

  1. Purchase four tires from Wal-mart
  2. Already have your good-spare tire on your car
  3. Tell the guy working there that you want to keep the good spare already on the car and that they should pull the tire in the spare area off and replace that one1
  4. Have them fuck that all up
  5. Wait at least a day or so to figure out that they fucked it up
  6. Call Wal-mart and talk to the Assistant Manager of the Automotive Division about how they fucked it up
  7. They will tell you that your tire has already been hauled away and that they’ll just give you a free tire like the four they just installed

Booyah, free tire.

  1. I bet if you didn’t tell the guy this and called later they’d still give it to you. No real specifics were asked of me.

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