Fists Of Fury

A conversation had at work today:

V: I’m not cold.

Me, Overhearing: You’re not old?

V: Cold, I’m not cold.

Me: Oh, I thought you said you weren’t old. Because, you know, you’re old. Maybe because you’re so old you forgot that you’re old.

V: You know, the last person who called me old ended up unconcious for about 6 minutes.1

Me: Fists of fury, baby.

  1. A while back V got in an argument with a much younger guy at his local gym. The younger guy kept slamming his weights down and leaving them on the floor. V told him that he needed to pick up his weights. The young guy got in his face and told his old ass to shut up. So V socked him in the jaw. As the guy is falling backwards he hits his head on one of his weights and gets knocked out. I guess that’s irony, huh?

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