I Love Jeopardy!

I have loved Jeopardy! ever since I first saw it. I remember thinking back in middle school that it was unfair that I had to miss the show because of school.  Recently,  we got a DVR at my house – one of the greatest creations by mankind , ever, I might add.  The first show I  set up to be recorded was naturally Jeopardy!.  Not only do I record the show, but I actually record it three times a day.  The regular show, the same show in HD, and an older version that’s being show on GSN.  Ah, technology.  Thankfully, I have a Wife that accepts, and even appreciates on certain days, my nerdery and she happily watches the show with me.

Anyways, the whole point of this post was so that I could link to this interview by Alex Trebek, done for Esquire Magazine in 2003.  If you read that interview, I think you’ll find an interesting perspective about ol’ Alex.  Furthermore, he’s apparently got a dirty-ass mouth.  Which I think, frankly, is great.

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