These People Are Pussies

I have many opinions on trying the 5 alleged 9/11 conspirators in New York City.  I’m of the opinion that we should absolutely try them in a Federal Court, not military commissions.  I’m also of the opinion that all Terrorism related cases should be tried in Federal Courts and not military commissions. I assume it goes without saying, but if it doesn’t, I’m 110% against indefinite detention.

One thing I don’t get though is the fear that the Right has indoctrinated upon society about those we’re going to be trying in NYC.  What’s the problem with doing this again?

Federal Courts have tried Terrorism cases before, so it’s not like they don’t know what they’re doing. Furthermore, the vast majority of cases have resulted in convictions.

We have a number of Supermax prisons in which to keep them. I’m pretty sure no one has ever “escaped” a US Supermax prison before.

The claim that the accused will use their time in Court as a pulpit to spew vitriol against Americans just doesn’t scare me.  They’re just words. Are you afraid of words?

The possibility that these people could be acquitted and released into our neighborhoods is absolutely asinine.  Even if, under some crazy weird happenstance, one of them were acquitted, the US still claims that they can indefinitely detain anyone who was involved in “Waging War On America”.  So at the very worst, they’d just go back to some secret prison to rot.

By bringing them to New York, it supposedly makes the city a target for some unknown terrorist act.  Dude, it’s New York, it’s already a ‘target’.  You can say that about any major city though – hell, even cities that aren’t ‘major’.

Anyways, that brings me to this blog that I came across yesterday -  Fraidy Cats.  It’s a nice little blog that’s documenting all the people who are afraid to bring these people to Court in the US.

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