How Many Soldiers Are We Sending To Afghanistan?

The answer? No one knows for sure.  But that won’t stop people from speculating!

The Atlantic:

[T]he increase in troop strength will be about 25,000

The Atlantic (Again):

[E]xpect the commander in chief to approve north of 20,000 additional troops

Times Online:

[A] surge of at least 25,000 new US troops

The Guardian:

[E]xpected to send 34,000 more US troops

The Guardian (Again):

[P]oised to announce early next week the deployment of up to 35,000 more troops


[E]xpect him to announce an increase of 20,000 to 40,000 additional troops

Fox News:

[D]eploy an eventual 32,000 to 35,000 U.S. forces

New York Times:

[S]ending about 30,000 additional troops

Basically, no one has any idea.

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