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This weekend Becky and I watched the first four episodes of Dexter – a show that apparently everyone thinks is just the best TV show ever.  That got me thinking, I currently watch, and have watched, a lot of TV series.

Update: I thought of another one that we’re watching that’s on hiatus.

Currently watching live:

Lost – Current

Archer – Current

Ax Men – Current

Chuck – Current

The Office – Current

Currently watching hiatus:

Sons of Anarchy – Current

True Blood – Current

Currently Watching – Old:

Dexter – Just finished Season 1

Recently stopped watching:

Scrubs – Stopped only because DVR recordings conflicted with Lost and The Biggest Loser

Never finished:

Heroes – I think I’m near the beginning of Season 3

Sopranos – Not sure where we left off on this one, Season 4/5?

Deadwood – Completed Season 1

Nip/Tuck – Seen up to season 3? I think

Oz – Haven’t watched this in a while, I think I’m somewhere in the middle

Macguyver – Dude, I have no idea


Firefly – 1 Season Only

This is just off the top of my head and I’ll update this a bit more.  But at first glance, is the only series I’ve ever finished Firefly? What the hell.

Another thing I just thought of: mini-series.  I have watched quite a few of those.  Not surprising, they’re all from HBO.

– Band of Brothers

– Generation Kill

– John Adams

– The Pacific – This just started.

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