Day 21

Your first Christmas Eve. Your uncle Rory and aunt Jenn are coming over. Nothing really big this year, just hang out and have some food. Your aunt Jenn wanted my spare original Nintendo for Christmas (I have two). So, I think we’ll set up my Nintendo in the living room and play that all day.

I think I got my first Nintendo sometime in the late eighties. I remember thinking that it was just the coolest thing ever. And, oh man, when Super Mario Brothers 3 came out, you couldn’t get me to stop playing it. Your grandpa – my dad – and I used to play each other on this huge Zenith tv set up in my bedroom. We would bet 5 or 10 cents on each level. I would always win. He was either not very good at video games or perhaps he was letting me win. I’m pretty sure I was just that much better than him.

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