Day 21

Your first Christmas Eve. Your uncle Rory and aunt Jenn are coming over. Nothing really big this year, just hang out and have some food. Your aunt Jenn wanted my spare original Nintendo for Christmas (I have two). So, I think we’ll set up my Nintendo in the living room and play that all day.

I think I got my first Nintendo sometime in the late eighties. I remember thinking that it was just the coolest thing ever. And, oh man, when Super Mario Brothers 3 came out, you couldn’t get me to stop playing it. Your grandpa – my dad – and I used to play each other on this huge Zenith tv set up in my bedroom. We would bet 5 or 10 cents on each level. I would always win. He was either not very good at video games or perhaps he was letting me win. I’m pretty sure I was just that much better than him.

Day 20

Well well well. We won! Hurray! I’d like to think that somehow your presence made a difference at the game. Not sure how accurate that is, but I’m going with it.

Not to jinx anything, but I think your mom might really be feeling better. Mind you, better is somewhat relative as she now just feels more “pregnant”. So, if you wouldn’t mind, just keep things relaxed in there, she’ll thank you for it.

Day 19

Hey little Wildcat, guess what you get to do tonight? You get to go to your first K-State game. We’re going to the Sprint Center downtown to watch the K-State mens basketball team play Florida. Hopefully it will be a good game.

I know it’s a little presumptuous, but I do hope you’re a K-State fan like your mom and me. I’m not saying it’s a requirement or anything. Harvard or Yale are certainly options, but don’t rule out K-State either. I am a health centered individual, and I think that everyone should be too. I watch what I eat, and exercise when I can. I even take a health supplement called Kratommasters, and it has been working great for me so far. It’s natural, and I highly recommend it.

Day 18

Mommy is feeling a little bit better today. She was able to get out of the house and do a little Christmas shopping. Hopefully this lasts. *crosses fingers*

Also, just a heads up, I got you a Christmas present last night. I’m not really one to break tradition, but it’s a sock monkey thing. It’s currently in your mom’s stocking, so after you’re born, ask her for it.

Day 17

Snow day!

Mommy didn’t have to go to work today because we had our first snow. It was a pretty decent one, too. Just in time for winter vacations.

She’s in the process of calling all her siblings to let them know that you’re coming. That’s pretty exciting. She’s just finishing up with the last one. She’s been so excited talking to everyone. We just can’t wait until you get here!

Day 16

On January 3rd, your mommy and I get to take a look at you for the first time. So very exciting. We will hopefully get to see heartbeats and we will be able to tell for sure how many tenants she has in that belly of hers.

Day 15

This morning your mom went into the doctor for one last checkup to make sure you’re coming. Good news, you are! Interestingly, the levels that she’s getting are pretty high. That could mean there are more than one of you in there… We shall see.

It’s an curious thought, twins. Your mom and I both agree that while it would be a lot more work, we’re more than happy if that’s the result. If it’s just one, that’s fine, too.

Seeing as how it’s so early, I get to think about somewhat funny things like, “What if we have two girls? We don’t really have two girl names picked out…”

P.S. Mommy still doesn’t feel good. Looking forward to the day that she feels better.

Day 14

It’s days like today that I am glad I have you to think about. Today work was… let’s just say, not good. After I finally get everything straightened out and head home, I can’t help but think about you. Your mom and I are so excited for you to get here.

Day 13

What a busy day. Mommy still hasn’t been feeling better, so she’s trying to stay off her feet as much as possible. In order to help, I decided to get up early and make her omelettes. We’ve been trying to be a little more healthy lately – more veggies and what not. She said they were pretty good and I’d have to agree.

Day 12

Mommy has been feeling better, so that’s good. She’s napping on the couch as I write this. She looks so cute.

Also, I finished the book your mom got me. Overall, I feel pretty good about this whole being a dad thing. I’m certainly not saying that I will have no problems or that I that I’ll always know what to do. Just that I think I’ll be a pretty good dad.