Michael Vick

The Wife is an elementary school teacher. Over the weekend, we went to her school so we could put up the Christmas present I got her. While we were there I noticed a large grouping of student art on the wall. As I was casually looking it over, I noticed one in particular. I’ll describe it to you and you tell me what you think:

  • Black man
  • Football player
  • Black helmet on
  • White jersey
  • Red jersey number
  • Jersey number: 7

So, who is it? It’s Michael Vick. Yeah, you know, the one who ran a dogfighting ring at his house and also killed the poor-performing dogs with his bare-fucking-hands.  Also currently spending time in prison.

I asked her how long it had been there and she said about 2-3 months. Ha!

By the time we had left, she took it down. 🙂

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