Well, At Least You Tried

So I’m at the bar playing poker and getting drunk when I realize the K-State men’s basketball game is on. It was some no-name team, Savannah State. Hailing from the great state of… Savannah1? Anyways. I didn’t think much of the game and went back to paying attention to my beer and poker.

Until I looked at the final score of the game today. Holy shit.

Final score: K-State 85, Savannah State 25.

That is not a typographical error, folks. They only trailed by 16 at the half. I mean, everyone knew they were going to lose, but damn. In the second half they were out-scored 48-4. Double-damn.

  1. I know that the University is located in Georgia. I just think naming Universities that way is dumb.

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