That’s Funny

I received a phone call from my brother today. Here’s how it went:

R: I’ve got a funny story to tell you.
Me: Are you going to jail?
R: No. Dad called me today.
Me: Oh? What about.
R. He was working on his truck today in the driveway and two patrol cars rolled up.
Me: Ha. Why? Is he going to jail?
R: No. They walked up to him and said, ‘Are you David?’. ‘Yes’. ‘We’re currently in hot pursuit of someone we presume to be your son. We have reason to believe that he stole a Red, Ninja Motorcycle. We need to look under that tarp over there to see if the motorcycle is under it.’
Me: Holy fucking shit, that’s hilarious.
R: I thought so, too.

My brother now lives in the KC-metro area, less than five blocks from me. My dad lives in Manhattan – 2 hours away from my house. Also, my brother talked to one of his friends in Manhattan and his friend told him that there were a handful of cop cars around his old house.

Ah, hilarity.

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