On Friday, had my first video-chat via iChat.  My dad is up in Montreal visiting his brother John and his wife Dal.  After fiddling with iChat trying to get it to work, we ended up needing Dal to sign up for a free AIM account.  I only have an AIM account and she only had a .mac account.  I’ve been told that these two services can talk to each other fine, however it was not the case for us.  Regular IM worked, but not A/V chat.  I figured the problem lie in the mixing of the two services.  The solution was for either myself to purchase a .mac account or for Dal to get an AIM account.  The free solution won out.  So if anyone else out there happens to find the problem where you would click to accept a video chat invitation, but it would then say that you failed to respond, try using two AIM accounts.  Worked for us.  Anyways, everyone is doing fine up in Canada.  It was a nice relaxing weekend for myself and the wife.  A much needed restful weekend, I might add.  Anywho, time for bed.

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