Dear Bob Allen Ford

Thank you for wasting my fucking time.  Really.  It’s not like I have shit to do.

I’ve been having problems with the Sync system in my 2010 Ford Escape that I bought last August (I think August anyways).  Everything was fine initially, then a few months ago when I pressed the phone button on either the dash or the steering wheel, nothing happened.  It was a button that simply didn’t do anything – like one of those “extra” light switches in old houses that you have no idea what they’re connected to.

After I noticed this, I took it into my car dealer – Bob Allen Ford.  They ran the car diagnostic tool on my vehicle and in the course of doing that “fixed” the problem – so I was told.  I thought to myself, “That seems odd, I don’t think that’s how diagnostic tools are supposed to work.”  But whatever, the problem was fixed, huzzah!

Only not.

A few weeks later – probably much less than that, I’m kind of lazy – I noticed the problem was back. Aiight, so I take it in again.  Explain the same problem. I ask if they can just replace whatever part it is inside that is causing this problem.  Yes, they can, however, not for me.  Why? Because I’m not on the latest software version for the part. Okay… I can buy that as being the possible cause of this – however, why didn’t they upgrade it when I had it in last time? My guess is it has something to do with them being lazy.  However, their magic diagnostic tool / version upgrade did appear to fix my problem.  Huzzah part deux!

Only not.

Same problem. Again.  Ugh.  When I last talked to the technician – Marcus was his name – he said that if the software update didn’t help, then he’d order a new part for me.  According to him, we had to see if the latest software update would fix the problem before he was allowed to order a new part.  Seems reasonable.  Since the update clearly didn’t fix my problem, I hoped I could call the dealership, tell them the issue that I’m having, have them order the part, then I’d show up when it came it and get my vehicle fixed.  No dice.  According to whomever I talked to on Thursday, I’d have to physically come in so they could order the part – some bullshit about needing some “numbers” off the part I already have.  I chalked this up to an issue with their ordering system as opposed to physically being able to order the part.  It’s a brand new car, how hard could this be.  But whatever.

So I called on Saturday morning to see if they’re busy and how long it would take them to “write down some numbers.”  Saturday being the one non-weekday they’re open and the one of the two days I don’t work.  TOO FUCKING HARD!  According to whomever I spoke to, a technician was required to write down these numbers.  Apparently the people who work there on Saturday are capable of doing oil changes and what not, but incapable of “writing down some numbers” to order a part.  Jesus.

SO, I go in this afternoon around noon – my lunch hour.  You see, while they are open during the week, they are only open from 7-4, you know, normal person working hours.  My only window of opportunity is my lunch hour.

When I get there I speak to someone who is training and obviously has no idea what the fuck I’m talking about.  He in turn talks to his manager, who apparently also has no idea what the fuck I’m talking about, but refers the trainee to another person.  Who is that person? Marcus.  The guy I’ve talked to like 3 times in person about this shit.  I should have just waited until Marcus got off the phone instead of talking to the trainee.  I don’t blame the guy, it’s just like, damn it, I want my fucking car fixed.  After about three minutes of talking to Marcus, my part is ordered and he tells me he’ll call me when the part comes in.  Wham.  Bam.  The best fucking part? Marcus doesn’t need to look at my car at all, so I’m free to go.  And why was that so easy?  Because all this shit is in their fucking computers.  If that asshole I spoke to on Thursday would have spent two fucking seconds to look this shit up, I could have had the part installed in my fucking car already.

Jesus I feel like I have fucking Tourette’s or some shit.

Here’s to hoping that the new part – that will be installed at some magic time in the future – will fix this fucking retarded problem once and for all.

However, I am not holding my breath.

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