Day 8

What an emotional day.

This morning I was incredibly nervous. Tomorrow we find out for sure if you’re coming or not. As far as we know, everything is fine, but I can’t help but worry. Yesterday your mom said she wasn’t feeling all that well. She said it could be because you’re growing. It could also be bad news.

I’m one of those people who tend to overanalyze and overthink things. Being that type of person can get you into a never-ending cycle of “What if it’s bad news? What do we do next?” Even if I’m feeling that way, I try and internalize it. Your mom and I couldn’t be more polar opposites when it comes to feelings. You could call her ’emotional’, you could call me, well, I’m not really sure what you’d call me. How about emotionally-reserved? I think of myself kind of like a rock. Something that can be relied on. Which is why whenever I’m worried about something, I try not to show it. I don’t want to upset your mom. Especially during these trying times.

This afternoon your mom emailed me to tell me that she wasn’t feeling well and was taking a half day at work. She seemed very excited about the food I was going to pick up for lunch, so it was good that at least she seemed in good spirits. I was of course very worried about this.

Once I got home, she asked me if I noticed that I had a present under the Christmas tree. Seeing as how I just got home, I hadn’t noticed it. We both have a history of not being able to resist giving presents away earlier than Christmas day. I assumed that this was such an occasion seeing as how she really insisted on me opening it.

When I opened the gift bag stuffed with tissue paper, I found a book titled Dude, You’re Gonna Be a DAD!. Which I thought was very nice/fun gift. Although, I did think it was a bit premature. I mean, we don’t even for sure know you’re coming. I thought that up until I got to the bottom of the gift bag where there was a second present.

It was a little blue pen-like thing that said ‘PREGNANT’ on it.

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